Irregular Menstruation Natural Treatment and Home Remedies

Published: 10th February 2010
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Periods can from time to time be a real pain. They can create you feel sick. They can give you a headache. They can create your stomach ache.

Yes, periods can be a genuine pain, and things can be even not as good as if they make a decision to become uneven. Irregular periods are one of the most ordinary menstrual complaint around.

Usually, irregular period are nothing to worry about, but on occasion, they can sign health complications.

Before we can name an irregular period, we must first settle on what a regular period is. People often say that a normal period occurs every 28 days, but really, every woman's menstrual cycle is different.

Depending on your body and your hormones, you may get your epoch every 20 days or your may get your stage every 35 days.

Causes of Irregular Menstruation

1. Hot and hot foods

2. Cool and cold foods

3. Profession

4. Raw food diet

5. Stress

6. Imbalance or blockage of the internal organs

7. Blockage of Internal channel

Symptoms of Irregular Menstruation

1. Pain in pelvic region or in inferior abdomen

2. Anemia

3. Discomfort in inferior back

4. Nausea and sickness sensation

5. Vertigo and dizziness strength occur

6. Depression might occur

7. Decreased hunger

8. Dullness on skin

9. Insomnia

10. Discoloration of pelvic region may be see in some cases

Treatment of Irregular Menstruation

Menstruation, a essential female physiological procedure, is very significant in that it is capable of moving several other metabolisms within the body. Women who skill regular menstrual cycles have far better odds of enjoy better physical and physiological health than women who practice disrupted menstrual cycles. Instead of medication, more and more women are now revolving to natural treatment for irregular menstruation.

Studies show that about 30% of women suffer from Oligomenorrhea, which is a state wherein menstruation is uneven or is absent altogether.

Home Remedies for Irregular Menstruation

1. Parsley (ajmoda) is an easy and successful home remedy for the treatment of menstruation. This is useful for women who either have sore or no menstrual flow. The muscles in uterus contracts due to harsh pain during menstruation, and this afterward cause irregular blood flow.

2. Women with anemia endure a lot during menstruation period. Sesame seeds (til) are good quality home remedy for release from severe pain throughout the menstruation period. It also increases the blood let go during menstruation. Take 1-2 teaspoon of sesame seeds in a glass of water and boil it

3. Add some sesame seeds in a glassful of water. Drink this twice each day when you have menstrual pains.

4. Papaya is obliging in treating menstrual evils. Women (especially young females) suffering from poor flow of blood during their menstrual era or those who experience severe pain throughout this period should eat raw papaya. Papaya helps in good functioning of the muscles of the uterus, which allow the proper flow of blood.

5. Banana is one more useful fruit during the menstruation period. Women pain from excess bleeding and severe ache at the back and stomach should take banana leaf, not poisonous in little oil, with curd. This give fast relief from pain and also wheel the excessive blood flow.

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