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Published: 28th March 2012
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Sprains are caused when the body, especially muscles suddenly overexerted. People feel severe pain, making this part of the body moving for a while. Sprain may cause redness and swelling of the region, if they are too severe, may last several days. Very serious sprain, it can lead to permanent muscle pain, or even disfigured.

The Vata vyaana, which is a sub-Vata dosha is responsible for all voluntary body movement. When this biological force is ineffective, then sprains occur.

Sprain usually occurs in the leg muscles, because they are more subject to movement. They can also occur in the back or neck muscles. Confined to a leg muscle strain known as Pindikodveshtana, Vata Khalli sprain, can spread throughout the body.

Useful herbs in the treatment of sprains

Clove (clove)

Clove oil is an effective treatment for sprains and muscle spasms. It is by the plaster, and applied to the affected part.
Ginger (ginger)
Ginger is a very effec
tive analgesic. The paste of ginger ale by the friction. This method is applicable in the local part of the sprain.
Hyssop (Hyssop)

Hyssop herb is very good muscle several remedies, including sprains. For the treatment of sprains, the whole plant paste outside apply to the affected area. In addition, the dough can be immersed in boiling water, can be used as a hot compress to the affected muscles. Sprain to provide the vital interests in Achyranthes. It is also very effective in the black eyes, wounds, bruises, burns and sprains treatment.

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

Licorice is used to treat muscle aches, sprains. Its roots soaked in water overnight infusion of the affected part of the application.
Marjoram (oregano about majorana)

Marjoram herb oil extraction and application of partial sprains, bruises, and even paralysis of the affected areas. In the rigid case, a simple application of marjoram oil, slightly warmer, helps to relax the muscles.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa)

Curcuma into a paste, mixed with lime and salt. This method is applicable to the sprained muscles with very good results.
Dietary Guidelines for treatment of sprains

The sprain is caused by Vata dosha defects. Dehydration can further damage the dosha. Therefore, you must make a point to stay well hydrated when you have a sprain. Drink several glasses of water, sprains, it is best with a little lemon juice. The orange juice is also good, in order to maintain the moisture content of the body. There is always some food is rich in minerals, before going to bed to prevent sprains you. The banana is the ideal.
You do not have a strong drink, especially after dark. Tea, coffee should be avoided, and therefore chocolate. On the contrary, before going to bed a cup of hot milk.

Herbal treatment of sprains

Veda general provisions oil massage treatment of the sprain. mahanarayana taila and Praharini taila the two can use a good oil. These oils can be heated slightly before application to provide good results.

Ayurvedic drug prescription sprain people Pratapa Lankeshwara Lhasa and Lassa Laxmivilasa, the sinhanaada guggulu sometimes be prescribed.

Treatment sprained home remedies

Apply to sprain mustard oil, sprinkle in the turmeric powder. And then bandage the area with a small towel. Then put a little salt and firmly tied to another fabric, make a bundle. Warm platter. Apply the bandage. The sprain is empty, in a very short time.

Only need to apply for the affected area warm mustard oil, and then a hot bath, but also help in the treatment of sprains.
The following method to work, if you suddenly sprained. Before attempting to apply any medication.

Muscles straighten and bend. If you have a sprain in the calf muscles, and then sitting in a chair, pull your legs as much as possible from your body. And then try to pull your toes, you can be as much as possible. This can relieve mild sprain.

Soiled towel of ice water, and with the surrounding muscle sprain. The cold temperature causes muscle paralysis, sprained leave.
The application of heat pads, and also help to eliminate sprains. Sprained back, and then with hot water shower.

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