Home Treatment for Ascites and Useful Remedies

Published: 29th January 2010
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In medicine (gastroenterology), ascites (also known as peritoneal cavity fluid, peritoneal fluid excess, hydroperitoneum or more archaically as abdominal dropsy) is an accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity.

Although most usually due to cirrhosis and severe liver illness, its attendance can portend other important medical problems.

Diagnosis of the cause is more often than not with blood tests, an ultrasound scan of the stomach, and direct elimination of the fluid by spine or paracentesis (which may also be therapeutic). Treatment may be with tablets (diuretics), paracentesis, or further treatments heading for at the cause.

Causes of Ascites

The two most important factors in the production of ascites due to chronic liver disease are:

• Low levels of albumin in the blood that cause a change in the pressure necessary to prevent fluid exchange (osmotic pressure). This change in pressure allows fluid to seep out of the blood vessels.

• An augment in the force within the branches of the gateway vein that run during liver (portal hypertension). Portal hypertension is caused by the scarring that occurs in cirrhosis. Blood that cannot pour through the liver because of the augmented force leaks into the stomach and causes ascites.

Symptoms of Ascites

Small amounts of fluid in the abdomen do not usually produce symptoms. Massive accumulations may cause:

• rapid weight gain

• abdominal discomfort and distention

• shortness of breath

• swollen ankles

Treatment of Ascites

The condition that causes ascites will be treated, if possible.

Treatment may include:

* Diuretics or "water pills," to help take away the fluid; usually, spironolactone (Aldactone) is used at first, and then furosemide (Lasix) will be added

* Antibiotics, if a disease develops

* Restraining salt in the starve yourself (no more than 1,500 mg/day of sodium)

* Avoid consumption alcohol

Procedures used for ascites that do not react to medical treatment include:

* Placing a tube into the area to take away large volumes of fluid (called a large volume paracentesis)

* Tran jugular intrahepatic port systemic shunt (TIPS), which helps redirect blood approximately the liver

Home Remedies for Ascites

Some simple home remedies for Ascites are known below:

1. Garlic plays an important role in treatment of ascities. Mix half-teaspoon garlic juice in half glass of water and drink this juice daily for some days.

2. Take one-fourth litre water and add 25 gm gram and boil till it reduce to half. Strain the liquid and drink this for approximately 3 weeks.

3. Extract at least 25 ml bitter gourd juice. Mix it with water and drink thrice a day. It provides the required relief from ascites.

4. Make the juice of the radish plant leaves with water and drink it daily. It is very useful in the cure of ascites.

5. Soak the fenugreek seeds overnight an in morning strain and drink that water

6. Reduce quantity of water and instead of water Milk can be given to the Ascites sufferer. In take oftra water in the case of ascities adds more swelling and weight gain.

7. Include onion in your diet. It helps in draining surplus collected fluid through the means of urine.

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