Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers and Treatment

Published: 25th January 2010
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Also known as aphthous ulcers, mouth ulcers are painful, clearly defined, round or oval sores that form in the mouth.

There are three major types of mouth ulcer, which are outline below.

Minor ulcers are the most ordinary type of ulcer. They account for 80% of all mouth ulcers. They are small (2-8mm in diameter) and usually heal naturally within 10-14 days. A minor ulcer will not cause any scarring.

Major ulcers are deeper and bigger than minor ulcers, and frequently have a raised or irregular border. A major ulcer is usually 1cm or more in diameter. This category of ulcer will heal more slowly, over a epoch of several weeks, and can cause scarring. Approximately 10% of mouth ulcers are major.

Causes of Mouth Ulcer

1 Incorrect diet

2 Digestive problems like constipation

3 Hormonal imbalances, particularly during puberty in girls

4 Anemia

5 Constant stress

6 Genetic factors

7 Illness of the herpes simplex virus

8 Irritation by a few chemicals, tobacco and alcohol infections

.Symptoms of Mouth Ulcer

You will usually know if you have a mouth ulcer by looking at its appearance. A mouth ulcer will be:

• round, or oval, in shape,

• white, yellow, or grey in color, and

• Inflamed around the edge.

Most mouth ulcers usually occur on:

• the inside of the lips,

• the inside of the cheeks, the floor of the mouth, or

• the under surface of the tongue

Treatment of Mouth Ulcer

Treatments based on antibiotics and steroids are reserved for severe cases, and should be used only under medical supervision.

Some doctors may also prescribe local anaesthetic, such as lidocaine, for cases of multiple or severe oral ulcers.

Some citizen's advantage from by means of the over-the-contradict current gel Bonjela, which contains choline salicylate -- choline salicylate is a local painkiller that helps to diminish the pain and swelling connected with oral ulcers.

Home Remedies for mouth ulcers

1 Crush the leaves of the Indian plum (jambula). Give off their paste in water and gargle with this water. It will provide instant release from the pains of the mouth ulcers. One of the high-quality home remedies for mouth ulcers.

2. Gargling with the water of the adulsa (Justicia adhadota) also bring about an immediate relief from the mouth ulcer pains.

3. Mix the hide of a lemon with white catechu. Grind them into a very well paste. Apply this straightly on the ulcer. The ulcer will get treat approximately right away. This remedy is best Home Remedy for Mouth Ulcers.

4. Take two to three foliage of the guava tree and a number of catechu. Chew them together. This will heal even the most unrelenting of ulcers within a few days. This is also good Home Remedy for Mouth Ulcers

5. Mix several catechu in water till it gets a pasty steadiness and apply this paste on the ulcers. This is another good Home Remedy for Mouth Ulcers

6. Apply hydrogen remove the color (1 part hydrogen remove the color and one part water) with a yarn mop up on the ulcers. This is one of the effectual natural remedy for mouth ulcers.

7. Gargle alternately with hot and cold water. This is one of the simplest mouth ulcers remedy.

8. Chew on 5-6 tulsi (holy basil leaves) and sip a number of water. Repeat 5-6 times a day. This is too one of the effectual natural remedy for mouth ulcers.

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