Challenge in Diagnosing Chronic Appendicitis.

Published: 18th March 2010
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Appendicitis: irritation, inflammation, and pain in the appendix caused by infection, scarring, or blockage. It is a condition in which the appendix becomes swollen, inflamed, filled with pus. The appendix is a small pocket shaped like a little finger. It is on the right side of the stomach joined to the colon.

Experts believe there are two likely causes:
Infection - a stomach infection may have found its way to the appendix.
Obstruction - a solid piece of stool may have got trapped in the appendix. The bacteria in the trapped stool may then have unhygienic the appendix.
Symptoms of appendicitis:
Initially, some pain can be felt anywhere in the stomach area, but later, as it intensifies, its location becomes more defined in the lower right-hand side of the abdomen
The following symptoms are common:
• Progressively worsening pain
• Coughing or sneezing is painful
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Inability to pass gas (break wind, fart)
• Fever
• Constipation
• Loss of appetite

Diet for appendicitis:
Vegetable juices are valuable for people suffering with appendicitis. The juices of coriander leaves, radish and spinach consumed regularly reduce appendicitis. This is the best diet for appendicitis. Drink tons of water as this helps in flushing the waste from your body. Specified diet for appendicitis is Full fruit diet for 2 to 3 days with full three meals. Juicy fresh fruits to be taken between every five hour intervals are advantageous. Milk and fruits added to each meal is beneficial. Lukewarm water with squeezed lime and honey soothes appendicitis. A regular strict diet can begin breakfast with fruits and milk with nuts. Lunch can include steamed vegetables, 2 or 3 wheat rotis and buttermilk. Afternoon diets can include fresh fruits and vegetables or sugarcane juice. Dinner should be vegetable salad, sprouted seeds, homemade cottage cheese, and buttermilk. Preferably, all the salads should be had limejuice dressing. Bedtime can do with a glass of milk or an apple.
Condiments, white sugar, fried foods, meat, sugar, coffee, refined cereals, tea, white flour, tinned as well as canned foods should be strictly avoided.
Green gram is one of the best home remedies for appendicitis. Consuming 1 tsp of green grams three times a day is very beneficial. Mild appendicitis pain can be reduced by best home remedy for appendicitis such as including 100 ml of beet and cucumber juices with 300 ml of carrot juice. Having this twice a day is a superb therapy. Chronic appendicitis patients should preferably have one liter of buttermilk daily and this is an excellent appendicitis remedy. Whole wheat with bran as well as wheat germ is beneficial in obstructing appendicitis.
One of the reasons for appendicitis must be obstruction inside the appendix. Even if there is a sore in the appendix, it leads to appendicitis. This also occurs owing to bacterial infection.
Complication of appendicitis:
A large amount frequent problem of appendicitis is puncture Perforation of the addendum can lead to a periappendiceal swelling (a collection of infected pus) or disperse peritonitis (infection of the entire lining of the abdomen and the pelvis). The major reason for appendiceal perforation is delay in identification and cure. In general, the longer the hindrance between finding and surgery, the more likely is perforation.
During an appendectomy, an opening two to three inches in length is made through the skin and the layers of the abdominal wall larger than the area of the appendix. The surgeon enters the stomach and looks for the addendum which usually is in the right lower abdomen. After Investitagating the region around the appendix to be certain that no additional problem is present, the appendix is removed. This is done by release the addendum from its mesenteric attachment to the abdomen and colon, cutting the appendix from the colon, and sewing over the hole in the colon. If an swelling is there, the flow can be shattered with drains that pass from the abscess and out through the skin. The abdominal opening then is closed.
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